About Us


Noor Jahan

Noor Jahan, the Queen of Spice, favourite queen of the Mogul Emperor Janhangir was very famous for creating new ideas in all areas of life. She created rose perfume, taught the skills of the culinary arts, introduced new culinary arts into Mogual’s history and establishing a new role for women in society. The Queens Spice Restaurant also strives to achieve excellence in Indian culinary art. We try to create a congenial and relaxing atmosphere ensuring that the Customers needs are catered for.


Freshly Prepared

We have all our ingredients freshly prepared by our award winning chef who has over 30 years experience in indian cooking and has created many new dishes, for example Chicken Munchirian which is a medium Chicken dish cooked with fresh herbs and nuts and recommended with Paratha, Punjabi Style. Our starters are unique, and are not only served with salad and yoghurt, but are cooked in a special sauce and served with chapati. Channa Puree another wonderful dish is nice tender chick peas with beautifully flavoured sauce and served with puffed small fried chapati. Our Lamb Jalfrazie and Methi Gosht are cooked with Green Chillies and fresh Fenugreek giving an unrivalled flavour.


Vegetarian Dishes

There is a large selection of vegetarian dishes. All vegetables are fresh and are cooked with special care and attention. As people become more cautious about their health we give great consideration to this fact. Less oil is used, along with lean lamb, breast of chicken and fresh herbs. Most cooking is tandoori based. Tandoori cooking is a very old method of cooking in central Asia, but in India this tradition has been developed into a fine art. It is very similar to barbeque, but the difference lies in the stove. The tandoor is shaped like a barrel, has a small mouth and is quite wide from the middle to the bottom unlike the grill used for barbeque.

It has been our delight to serve our Customers since 1996, we are sure you will enjoy your visit and we hope to see you soon.